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For twenty years hub-ware has led the evolution of yacht information management

From paper, to databases, web development, to digital twins, all through One Single Window

For those who want to get serious about organising, retrieving and sharing information

Experts in SharePoint-backed, Teams-driven on-line portals

Well-versed in all the data-management of new build projects, refits, PMS and ISM

Application developers using modern data portals to enhance business processes between multiple parties

Trusted on the largest projects at Feadship, Lurssen, Oceanco, Nobiskrug with over 20 years of experience

A glance at our products...



We work alongside the shipyard and the Owner Team, as the new build's virtual assistance to set up the yacht's Planned Maintenance System.

Fully transparent, validated by the key partners, and ready to kick off PMS during harbour trials.  Call for a quote.



We adapt your SMS to run in a secure digital web environment. Or we can help build an SMS for you. 

Your brand, your DPA, your processes, your content - all packaged in a secure on-line environment, accessible from ship & shore.



Communication and Information come together in Team Project Hub. 

  • Teams handles the meetings, chats and the random everyday files you need to save and share.
  • Sharepoint handles access to and versioning of controlled information (Spec., Drawings etc.)
  • Issue Tracking binds this all together and keeps your focused on key project demands.


PocketHUB is the offline slimmed-down version of the projectHUB, and runs as an App for iPhones and iPads.

Whether performing a steel inspection or a FAT, or waiting for a plane, pocketHUB puts filtered project information in your hand.



We shoot your vessel, render a 3D digital twin of it, and add tags against decks, rooms and equipment.

  • Access your digital replica online or offline, on board or from the office.
  • View a dollhouse render of your entire vessel, or choose a top-down view of each deck.
  • Link tags to equipment data, forms and documentation from our database.


'Our 143m private yacht has been using Hub-Ware during most of the build period for the recording and tracking of defects, non-conformities and pre-delivery maintenance. Now in service, 

Hub-Ware brings a new level of customisation and flexibility that is not possible with platforms such as AMOS. Once the possibilities of Hub-Ware have been understood, the “view” of it for individual users is easily tailored so that complexity is reduced to what is necessary for that user.

I recommend it for any yacht project. As we have found, Hub-Ware will support and benefit even the largest and most complicated yacht projects. Additionally, the knowledgeable guidance – and patient dedication to customisation - given by Mr Hornsby is another valuable benefit; support from the Hub-Ware team is always available and is first class.'

Chief Engineer

143m Yacht

'We used Hub-Ware on the last Feadship I was on. Loved the flexibility!

Once you get your head into it, it is the most powerful system out there, and we really want to do the new build with it. We heard that the HUB has some new tools for managing the build process, so looking forward to using it for my next 85m project'

Chief Engineer

 68m Feadship/85m New Build

Every company and project is a little different

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