Do I need a server to set up the HUB

A physical server is not necessary. Team Project Hub is hosted in the Microsoft Cloud. We set up smaller, shorter projects as separate sites within our TeamProjectHub Organisation . For larger and longer projects, we set up your own dedicated domain name, and your own project Organisation

My team uses a mix of PCs and MACs - Will this work for me?

Team Project Hub works with both MACs and PCs, and with all modern browsers. We recommend patching both your hardware and browsers to ensure best protection in Cyperspace

How does the licensing work?

projectHUB runs in the Microsoft Cloud.  You may already have Microsoft365 licenses for Word/Excel etc. for personal or business use. With these in place there is not extra cost unless you wish to upgrade to a higher license package.  You log on with the email address that is associated with your Microsoft365 Licensing.

For larger projects, we can set up projectname.com with GoDaddy and the Hub can host engineer@projectname.com as your professional project email address using the built-in Microsoft Exchange. Options also exist for aliasing your business address tot he project address, or vice versa.   Call for more information.  

Who owns the data at the end of the build or refit?

You own the information! In any case most of the information can be synchronised to OneDrive, using your  Microsoft ID

Can I add MORE users as the project progresses

Yes! Microsoft365 licensing allows us to modify the type of license and add/remove users on a monthly basis. 


Yes! You can be registered as a Guest user with a broad set of permissions using any Microsoft ID.

Or, for large projects, you can become me@largeproject.com, and your project email address and your business email address can be aliased to work together. 

Is projectHUB secure enough to meet the terms of my non-disclosure agreement

A well-known shipyard ran a Penetration Test on projectHUB for a recent project and was unable to compromise the firewall.  SharePoint is well protected in the Microsoft Cloud and, if used to Best Practice, using the HUB can be considerably more cyber-secure than collaborating over email.

What does pocketHUB do?

pocketHUB lets you roam out of Internet coverage, in the bowels of the boat, in the corners of the shipyard, in the Faraday's Cage of the engine room, or on the flight home, and still use the Forms and Files and Lists of projectHUB.  Any changes are simply synchronised back from your mobile to the main server when the connection is re-established.

pocketHUB is an iOS App that you install on your Apple Device (iPhone, iPad).  It interacts with the media Apps on your phone, to record photos, audio and video, during inspections, quality checks, or just recording the equipment and locations for an impending refit.