Hub-Ware meets DEEPblue

Throughout projectHUB and pocketHUB's design, we had another look around the marketplace, to gauge where the new product would sit amongst the growing number of new companies who had a zeal to create vessel management software.

When we saw DEEPblue’s offering, we rapidly understood that theirs would be the product to beat. Looking at their strong development background and technology, we recognised that it would be smarter to join them, rather than trying to beat them.

In mid 2018 we formed a Hub Ware-DEEPblue alliance, to bring you a team that combines Hub Ware’s knowledge and experience with DEEPblue’s excellent development team.

We now offer only DEEPblue for on-board Vessel Management.

Meanwhile Hub-Ware is concentrating its development energies on projectHUB and pocketHUB – designed to help owner’s teams better collaborate during the build-phase information.


Your portal to organise new build and refit information, in real-time collaboration between client, designer and shipyard.

Where Microsoft Office 365 meets your project information… all in one subscription.


– Online

– Shareable

– Secure



DEEPblue vessel management

Best-of-breed software for yacht operations, on-board and ashore.

A multi-module Vessel Management System, with ship-to-shore synch between crew and managers with more modules than any other yachting software today.


– Browser-based

– Permission-based access

– Robust modern design

Permission-based access

Robust modern design

DEEPblue's modular approach, user-specific dashboards and bright graphical screens are an instant hit with all users.

It's highly-developed modules include; PMS, inventory, ISM, HR, accounts, purchasing, charter.

All modules and user-access are tightly permissioned by groups and users.

Shore servers provide excellent security and sync to each vessel's on-board, off-line mini server.