Setting up all your project data through one

'Single Window'

Thank you IMO for defining a term we've been

searching for years

'What Is A Single Window Project Architecture?'

Single Window offers a single entry point for all project information to guarantee the relevance, status and traceability of shared documents

we define and deliver a single version of the truth,

for any shared information

  • The specification, its mark-ups, versioning and variations
  • Drawings, their approval comments, versions and distributions
  • OEM Documentation, as a common technical library
  • Warranty Claims, and their review, status and resolution

Projects easily get lost in countless emails and multiple versions of documents, spreadsheets and drawings. The most current items end up being stored in local device libraries which often never reach the relevant parties. 

Single Window approach funnels every user into one platform where versions are kept: online, in libraries and shared only among permissioned users

and we make it available in a secure window to multiple parties

  •  Designers upload their drawings and specifications
  • Suppliers upload technical docs to form a technical library
  • The owner’s team raises Issues during inspections
  • The owner’s team reviews information
  • Shipyard staff interact with all of the above

Throughout a new build, vast amounts of vital information is exchanged throughout different stages of the process. 

Single Window approach offers a single interface for all this information, available to every party for tracking issues, responses and amendments along the way

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