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Hub Ware’s core product is a server-based suite of modules, shared on-line. The aim is to organise, manage and share information related to all phases of a vessel’s life.

From reviewing the specification, to drawing upload and approval, the Hub’s Calendar and Task functions ensure that everyone knows the current state of all jobs and issues during the build phase.

Once the vessel is operational, the Hub can be used to manage all of the day-to-day operations of a yacht. From daily checklists to planned maintenance scheduling and tracking, the Hub also allows the creation of bar codes, spare parts ordering, certificate tracking, equipment list and spares management.

Its features go well beyond the technical side of running a vessel. Crew and guest management, ISM, remote systems monitoring, as well as meetings, minutes and notes management are all included. If you need a specific feature, we can implement it for you.


Techman Hub originated as a collaborative software platform used to manage all phases of the life of a superyacht.

During design, construction and refit, the Hub provides all the teams involved with a central, secure platform to share information, manage contacts, allocate tasks, access documentation and schedule meetings.

The Hub is also a state-of-the-art vessel management system, providing all functions required once the vessel is operational: planned maintenance, crew and guest management, machinery log interface, spares and inventory order management, and ISM management.


The principals of centralised shared information, quality control, compliance and documentation are common across many industries.

We are currently working on projects in the fields of oil-and-gas, commercial real estate, compliance managers, and with a number of small businesses who seek improvement in their internal information infrastructure.

The Hub can be customised to your own look-and-feel, include corporate logos, themes, ‘home’ pages and features. Using a multi-tier architecture, we can segregate internal tools, for employees only, from multiple per-project sub-sites for the various yachts, rigs, buildings or other entities which you manage.

Documentation Management Services

Our team of specialists can provide all the documentation required for luxury superyachts: systems descriptions, operations guides, ISM documentation and procedures, as well as any other technical specifications for on-board systems.

Mac or PC Platform

The Hub can be accessed through any browser, from a PC, Mac or even an iPhone.

The Hub is built on Microsoft’s SharePoint foundation, a server-based solution.  Hub Ware has extended that platform to make it into a leading-edge collaborative solution, optimised for the superyacht industry.

Scalable to suit your needs

We offer the option of a per-user-per-month license fee, with no up-front cost for the software.