Team Project Hub 2019

large projects, big data

keep it all on track with Team Project Hub

why did we build Team Project Hub?

because there's a LOT of information flying around

and email is neither structured nor secure

a 60 metre, 4-year new-build project will consume on average ...

12 collaborators

600 meetings

2,000 drawings

5,000 technical documents

45,000 emails

90,000 hours of labour

25,000 internet searches

6,800 petty cash receipts, for

€2,100,000 of project-related expenses

On a ‘turnover’ of €40,000,000

multiple modules

Project Information is not only a collection of files;

Projects require that you need to keep a Calendar, Contacts, sort items into Departments, relate things to the Specification, manage Decision-Variation lists etc.

We have it all covered in Team Project Hub


Centralised information reduces the risk of unauthorised sharing and duplication

all in one secure on-line space



sharing Word documents that end up looking like ransom notes is a thing of the past

raise and track Issues - Geo-locate (flag) on the G.A.

Tag, report, and track all Issues until resolved, with a clear archive trail

Add attachments and keep threaded discussions

team members are notified of any new of edited Issues

a fast, accurate way to convert your Spec from  draft to a contract-ready

apply the same process for for Contract review

Drawings and Approvals


the build team reviews Drawings and future revisions

Issues logged against drawings are tracked centrally, and closed out as corrected

Reports provide an easy way to share, and show the status of all open Issues

Team Project Hub retains a full archive trail

Calendars  Meetings & Notes


Issues arise during meetings. 

Issues require Actions, which Team Project Hub tracks to completion

Review Issues & Actions ... 

  • by meeting,

  • by personal responsible,

  • by build group or

  • by Flagging Issues on the GA



Questions require Answers lead to Decisions

Whether to clarify the specification or make changes, these decisions must be tracked in a timely way 

Decisions lead to Change Orders, and Team Project Hub tracks implications on Time, Quality and Money

Internal Project Files


The Owner’s Team needs a place to manage the admin

legal - insurance - personnel - 

accounts - reports etc.

Team Project Hub organises everything in a flexible folder system

Track Issues against any file

Risk Assessments


During any build, circumstances change.

The yard gets busy, suppliers have bottlenecks …

Risks impact timing, quality and budget

The Likelihood and Severity are scored, and quantify Risk

Scopes of Work


use S.o.W. documents to invite contractors to quote work in a precise and a standardised way

Built-in forms ensure a full and accurate quote every time

Where questions arise, link Issues to find clarity

Project members can review and comment centrally, as a team